How To Associate Multiple Authors With One WordPress Post ?

Easily Allow multiple authors to be assigned to posts, pages, and custom post types via a search-as-you-type input box.

Simply install and activate Co-Authors Plus WordPress plugin.

“Post Author(s)” box with multiple authors added

It allows you multiple authors to be assigned to posts, pages, or custom post types via the search-as-you-type inputs.

Search-as-you-type input box that looks up authors as you type in their name. Fields displayed are: ID, Display Name, and Email.

Template tags allow listing of co-authors anywhere you’d normally list the author.

Co-authored posts appear on a co-author’s archive page and in their feed.

Other than this, it may edit the posts they are associated with, and co-authors who are contributors may only edit posts if they have not been published (as is core behavior).


  1. Install and activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  2. Place the appropriate coauthors template tags in your template.
  3. Add co-authors to your posts and pages.

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