How To Calculate Payment For Authors In WordPress?

A few days back we have discussed about counting profits generated by individual posts in WordPress. If you are running a multi-author WordPress blog then you can also set up calculations for paying your authors on the basis of the number of posts they have published, number of words they have used, visits, images and also comments. Post Pay Counter lets you easily handle authors’ payment on a multi-author website by computing posts’ remuneration basing on admin defined rules.

You can specify criteria upon which payments should be computed and then results go immediately viewable from the related stats page. Both a general view with all users and a specific one for a author are possible.

How To Use Post Pay Counter In WordPress?

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Install and activate Post Pay Counter plugin. After activation visit its settings page, it already comes predefined set of settings but if you want you may customize them.  That’s it. Head over to stats page for browsing all counting.

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