How To Instantly Live Preview & Customize Posts In WordPress?

Default WordPres post editor has a preview button on publish metabox but that opens up the post in a new tab. You can make this thing instant and then preview, edit or customize post very easily from an awesome preview screen that shows up on post admin page with a close button. Everything works very fast, you simply write your content then click ‘Preview’ button and it opens up a preview screen (without any page refresh) very much like WordPress theme customizer. It allows you to set featured image, add excerpt, edit your post content, use visual formatting buttons, all from its live post customizer screen.

How To Install And Use WordPress Post Customizer?

To start using up this live post previewer and customizer, install and activate Post Customizer plugin. After activation create a new post or open any old post for editing.

Give your post a title, write up some content and click the ‘Preview‘ button.

As soon you click the preview button, a new screen will popup covering your post edit section, the screen works in the same way your theme customizer page works, see the given screenshot.

How To Instantly Live Preview & Customize WordPress Posts?

Not only you can see the live preview of your post but you can set the featured image, write a post excerpt and also edit or continue writing your content. For writing or editing post content, just put the cursor and it shows up the visual formatting buttons.

When you’re done, click the ‘Update‘ button on top left corner and the post will be updated without any page reload.

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