Automatically Update All Internal Links After Changing Any Post URL In WordPress

Whenever you update any post or page link in WordPress, all internal links linking to that specific URL go  dead and start showing error 404. Now no worries, in this article we will show you how you can point internal links from old to new post URL all automatically. 

Url Memory is an awesome plugin, If any content URL like post URL or page URL is changed, all the internal links pointing to that content on your website, must be updated automatically.

Internal links only concern hierarchy and widgets. Links inside your content are not included in this automation and must be updated manually by the user.

OR you can do so with Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin. It also works for all image and content URLs, great tool for migrating your website to a new domain or subdomain or from subdomain to a new domain or existing domain and there are more option.

Start by installing and activating Url Memory plugin in WordPress

That’s it. The plugin works automatically. It also provides you an admin page from where you can delete all redirections by emptying the database (just in case).

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