Create Wikipedia Type Internal Linking Inside Your WordPress Blog Posts

Create automatic internal linking (like Wikipedia) inside your WordPress blog posts and engage your site’s visitors

Suppose you are writing an article on Linux File System and you have already explained about Linux in one of your earlier post. Adding an internal link to that post would be engaging your site visitor but its not handy because first you need to find that post from a number of posts you have. Then you will be needing to copy its permalink for adding link inside the post you are writing.

Using  SEO Auto Links & Related Posts you can do it automatically. It becomes handy for the blogs having thousands of posts. Install this plugin, visit your dashboard > settings > SEO ALRP and add keywords with their URLs. Now any time you write any post and type any keyword you have added, it automatically links to the post. Keyword can be of any type. For example you can add any tag with its URL or any category with URL or your blog posts and pages.

It has one more feature of showing related posts. This plugin provides you with two options for finding related posts:

  • Relates posts based on post title and meta keywords
  • Related posts based on post title, meta keywords and post content.

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