Easily Build Keyword Links In WordPress Without Overlinking Already Linked Text

Internal Link Building lets you build links for keywords. With this new plugin you can link any word to a external or internal URL and set parameters like you can define how you times you want you want the keyword link to appear, you can set whether you want the link to appear in Exact Match or not, you can enable Nofollow and set the links to open in new window etc. This way you can very easily link to your old articles, pages or if you have online stores and improve your sales, web ranking of other websites you have, better search engines and more clicks.  It also allows you to exclude post type for link to appear.

How to use the plugin? Simply install and activate Internal Link Building in your WordPress site. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Keywords page. Now type your keywords and links for them. That’s all.

The most important thing is that when a post already links out using given keywords, the plugin will NOT overwrite it. That’s the best part of the plugin because 10/8 plugins rewrite links and create problems.

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