Top 3 Plugins For Creating Link Directories In WordPress

Creating Link directories in your WordPress site you can start a resource library for your readers, its just like other website directories you might have seen while promoting your blog. So here are few good plugins you can use for starting your own link directory.

WordPress Link Directory

Link Library

This plugin adds ability to output list of categorized links and also a complete list of links with descriptions. With this plugin you can create a page containing links defined in Dashboard link section and also the links defined in these categories. On can select a set of categories to be displayed. You can display search box, a form for user submissions, you can set links to moderation so that they won’t appear on new entries soon after submission. And also this plugin can generate RSS feed for of your links.

Article Directory

Article Directory displays list of your site categories and allows your website authors to publish articles and change profile bypassing WordPress Admin Area.

Important Features For Categories List Include:

  1. You can hide all sub categories
  2. You can display empty site categories.
  3. You can add icons for each category using CSS
  4. You can display category description in link title.
  5. You can use hierarchical display for subcategories.
  6. You can show categories in specified number of columns.
  7. You can show a specified amount of child categories (2nd level).
  8. And most important thing, you can exclude specified categories.
  9. You can show selected amount of posts in parent and child categories.
Not only these, it offers many more features. Visit plugin’s page on WordPress.Org or simply try using this plugin.

Open Links Directory

Open Links Directory allows you to create start profitable link directories like a website directory. This plugin is under active development. In case you encounter any problem, then first make sure you have the latest version installed and then you can submit feature requests, bug reports and your comments here.

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