Increase Readability By Turning Web Pages Calm And Clean. Now Use It In WordPress, Android, Google Chrome, Tablets And More

Easily convert any webpage to a clean minimalist view, you can read it or you can add it to your reading list for reading it some other time. Readability.Com is a free online service that lets you read any article on Internet in a clean clatter free format. You can use it in Google Chrome, Smartphone, Android, Tablet etc. If you are a WordPress user then you can add its button in your website.

So first of all register your account at, follow the steps:

  1. Visit Readability.Com and click Sign Up button.
  2. Enter your email address and select a username and password.
  3. It suggests you to install Readability’s Chrome Extension or you can Download Readability App For iPhone, iPad, or Android etc and redirects you to your Readability’s Dashboard:

Readability Google Chrome App

After installing Google Chrome App it adds its icon on the top right corner of Chrome. Using this button you can easily convert any web page to minimalist reading view:

Or, you can add any article to your reading list at Readability.Com for reading it later on. It also shows an option to send any webpage to kindle.

Readability Google Chrome App Overview:

Whenever you read any article on internet using Readability Google Chrome App or from your smartphone etc, the article goes to your Readability.Com’s archive page and from there you can continue reading the articles from where you left.

How To Add Readability Buttons In WordPress ?

You can add its buttons in your WordPress site, install and activate its widget plugin Readability Buttons ( in your WordPress site. Then visit Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets and drag its widget to your sidebar. Widget is customizable, you can show hide different buttons using check boxes.

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