How To View Images In 3D On Internet Using Google Chrome ?

Easily browse images in 3D using your Google Chrome web browser. You will be needing 3D glasses to view them on your computer else they look blurred, get 3D glasses from some where or create your own.

Install 3Dnator! in your Google Chrome browser. It adds an icon on the top right corner of Chrome and a link on context menu (right mouse click options) using these buttons you can convert any image to 3D while surfing on world wide web. See the following screenshots.

Click ‘3Dnator’ icon on address bar for converting any website’s images to 3D in bulk. Following screenshot shows Google Image Search results in 3D:

3D Image 2

Also, you can Right Click on any website image and select ‘3Dnator’ for converting that particular image to 3D.

How To Create 3D Glasses At Home ? You can easily create your own 3D glasses at home for playing purposes: Take a CD case, empty it. Take two Permanent marker of blue and red color then make one red and one blue color rectangle using markers on transparent side of CD case. Remember, rectangles should be large enough to cover your eyes.

Now you have to fix them in any old frame of sun-glasses (blue lens is for right eye and red is for left) or you may create a paper frame etc.

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