How To Use WangGuard & Protect WordPress/BuddyPress Website From Sploggers?

WangGuard protects your website from sploggers and spambots, it protects your from their spam users collecting their data on websites it operates by using one centralized database. On every new registration, the plugin checkes the user’s data into its database in order to delete it of suspicions, and protect website from fake or spam registrations.

Why You Should Use WangGuard?

  • It cleans your database from unwanted and spam users as they could hack the website or populate your database from unwanted stuff.
  • The spams uses your hosting/server resources for their own benefit and overloads your website.
  • They hurt your search engine ranking because your website gets automatically populated with un-useful stuff.
  • Google may block your website due to illegal advertising, prohibited or dangerous products or content etc.
  • Spam bothers the rest of your website members and this may result them to log-off or delete their account from your website.
  • Complicated captchas many a times do not stop the spams.

WangGuard is a good plugin for fixing up all these problems and if you are a personal user then it does all these things for free. It has separate lists of features for WordPress, BuddyPress, bbPress, Multisite Network etc, all are listed on its download page here. Now navigate to WangGuard wizard and start using it.

How To Use WangGuard?

Install and activate WangGuard plugin. Upon activation obtain its new API KEY from here. Now navigate to “configuration” on the “WangGuard” tab and paste that API KEY which activates the plugin. Next step is optional, but if like you may create the security questions which randomly appear in the user’s registration page. Security questions and answers can be modified from the WordPress admin panel.

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How To WangGuard Works?

Upon any new user registration, it will automatically be checking it against a centralized database and if in-case the user is a Splogger or spambot, it won’t be allowing its registration on your website.

This is not all, site admins will be able to report existing Sploggers to WangGuard right from the admin interface. When you flag any user as “spam”, either from WordPress or BuddyPress, the user will be reported as Splogger to WangGuard. If you flag manually any user as Splogger, the user is reported to WangGuard and also gets deleted from your website and on multisite network enabled websites, the user’s blogs will be flagged as spam blogs.

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