How To Limit BuddyPress Group Creation To Site Admins?

By default all BuddyPress site users can create and manage groups. But many network administartions, specially those running social networks of small company, college or school don’t want members on their website to be able to create their own groups, but rather just participate in the ones created by the admin or superadmin.

In this tutorial we will show you how you can limit group creation to site admins.

There’s no need of installing any new plugin, BuddyPress already provides you built-in option to enable or disable group creation for all users.

Simply login to your BuddyPress site and visit WordPress admin area dashboard.

Now navigate to Settings -> BuddyPress page and click ‘Settings’ tab.

Scroll to ‘Groups Settings’ section and uncheck ‘Enable group creation for all users’ option. That’s it. This disabled the group creation functionality for all you website users except site admins. Administrators can always create groups, regardless of this setting whereas other website members can only join groups.

How To Limit BuddyPress Group Creation To Site Admins?

You can use this feature in addition to BuddyPress Registration Groups plugin. This way you can keep only some required groups in your website and allows your users to join them while registering their accounts on your website.

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