Quickly Locate All Your Family Members Right From Your Android Device

life360Life360 – Family Locator +more is a powerful Android app that lets you locate all your family members and friends near your vicinity. The app works with latest GPS tracking technology, you can create groups, called as “Circles” of your family & friends and then you can easily track their locations on a private map, You can know about their safety or when they need your help. The application also allows you to chat one-on-one or with everyone within each of your circles and chatting is all free.

The app alerts you whenever a member of you circle reaches a destination and also the app can be used for tracking a stolen or lost phone.

Under emergencies, the App has in-built Panic Feature which can automatically send up a phone call, email, text message including your GPS Tracking coordinates to everyone you have in your contact list, this way they will know your exact location and you’ll receive a phone call.

Even if the mobiles are shut off, your family members will instantly receive an email message and asking them to quickly check their smartphone. Panic Feature can also bypass downed phone lines. There are many more features, you can know about its usage by referring to its official website’s support page.

The application available both for iPhone & Android users and also works over SMS on a non-smartphone. The application also runs over iPods, iPads and some other similar tablet devices but the location only updates when you are connected over to Internet. And for locating someone who is a non-smartphone user, an upgrade is needed to premium which is $5 a month.

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