Building WordPress Custom Admin Pages For Your Clients

Creating a backend admin page and adding custom things there is easy. WP Admin Custom Page lets you create a custom page in your admin dashboard and there you can show HTML code to editors. You can place anything in there and even add a menu item that appears in the Dashboard menu section of WordPress admin area at the top left side of the page. Great for your client websites as you could put the help and instructions. The plugin lets yoy edit the HTML text directly in a box showing up in option page with a WYSIWYG editor. It supports all HTML, JavaScript & CSS etc and also you can insert YouTube videos and images.

How To Use WP Admin Custom Page Plugin?

Install and activate WP Admin Custom Page plugin. After activation the plugin adds a new page with name ‘Sample Admin Page’ on Dashboard -> Sample Admin Page. This is your custom admin page, you can change its title and customize the whole page by visiting Dashboard -> Settings -> Admin Custom Page which provides you a WYSIWYG editor and page title field. Customize the page and click the ‘Save Changes‘ button. That’s all, your page will go automatically active with new title & content.

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Another interesting thing you can do is create some private static pages in WordPress. Creating private pages is the default WordPress feature, you can easily create a private page by visiting Dashboard -> Pages -> Add New and then on the ‘Publish‘ metabox, click ‘Visibility‘ and select ‘Private‘ radio button. The private WordPress page comes only visible to the registered members of your website. In this way you can create various private pages on various topics and then show them in a Table of Contents by creating a custom admin area page.

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