How To Make Ubuntu HotSpot Wifi Network Visible For Android Devices?

A few months ago we discussed about using your Ubuntu laptop as a wifi router. In other words, creating a hotspot with your Ubuntu Linux. Default Ubuntu Wifi network is not visible for Android devices, specially for devices using Android 4.1.2 versions like Samsung Galaxy etc. In that case you may give a try to ap-hotspot from the webupd8 repository for creating an infrastructure AP but here a much better universal solution who need creating detectable hotspot with Ubuntu Linux.

  1. First you will be needing to install hostapd. Open your terminal and use the following command:
    sudo apt-get install hostapd
  2. Now open a text editor program like default Ubuntu text editor, gedit and use the following into it and remember to fill in the name of your network after ssid=, as well as a password after wpa_passphrase=
    wpa_pairwise=TKIP CCMP
  3. Now save the file as hostapd.conf in home directory.
  4. Create a normal ad-hoc network using Ubuntu wireless menu from the top bar and click on “Create New Wireless Network“
  5. After creating new network successfully, again open your terminal and use the following command:
    sudo hostapd hostapd.conf
  6. Turn on the wifi connection in your devices and enjoy the sharing of your network.

(If you are still facing any problem then ask us here)

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