How To Set Defaults For All New Blogs Created In WordPress Multisite Network ?

In WordPress Multisite Network WordPres automatically uses preset defaults in all newly created subsites. This sometimes creates problem when you want to use your own default settings for each and every blog created in your multisite network.

If your needs are different and you want to reset all defaults that automatically comes in new WordPress blogs within your network then first of all you have to install New Blog Defaults plugin and network activate it. After activation the plugin adds a new link “New Blog Defaults” in Settings section on WordPress Network Admin page. So visit Network Admin Dashboard -> Settings -> New Blog Default, now here you can set the following defaults for each new blog easily:

  1. You Can Set Default General Settings
  2. You Can Set Default Writing Settings
  3. You Can Set Default Reading Settings
  4. You Can Set Default Discussion Settings
  5. You Can Set Default Privacty Settings
  6. You Can Set Default Permalinks
  7. You Can Set Default Miscellaneous Settings
  8. You Can Set Default Theme
  9. You Can Set Default Bonus Settings

Simply visit the appropriate menu and configure your new blog defaults. Now new blogs created will be using your new defined values after you save the settings.

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