How To Search Protected Posts By Their Specific Password In WordPress?

WordPress Post visibility options allows you to protect certain posts by assigning a unique password to them. For example: Suppose you want to publish your family album on your WordPress blog and you want to make it visible only to your family members then you can protect your photo  gallery post with a password.

This can be done from your post edit screen: From the right side ‘Publish’ metabox click ‘Edit’ next to ‘Visibility’ option, then select ‘Password’ radio button and protect your post with a unique password. That’s it, now the post will ask your readers to enter the password and then they can view it. You can share the password with the people you like showing the post to, you can email them the post link with password or whatever.

How To Find Password Protected Posts In WordPress? 3

The problem comes when you have a number of posts protected with a different password because sometimes when your users miss the post link by some how, it becomes hard for them to search for that specific post and read it. Here comes the use of  SS Find Post with Password plugin. It simply allows you to place a special search box that only searches for password protected posts simply by typing in the password.

This way your users can enter their password and a click will direct them to the post they were trying to find out on your website.

How To Place Password Protected Post Search Box?

It’s very easy, what all you have to do is install and activate SS Find Post with Password plugin. After activation use [ss_postpassword] shortcode for displaying this special search box in your WordPress site.

How To Find Password Protected Posts In WordPress? 1

This allows you to search out and find posts with a specific password. The plugin was developed keeping the photographers in mind. Sometimes photo bloggers want to password protect their photo albums and give the passwords only to their clients.

How To Find Password Protected Posts In WordPress? 2

Hence if you use the plugin, your users will not be having to give dedicated links and/or username login credentials each time, the plugin works for posts, most custom post types and Gallery plugins including the popular NexGenGallery and WP Photo Seller.

Shortcode Customization:

Although [ss_postpassword] shortcode is enough to display the password protected post search but the plugin allows you to use various custom variables and values like:

For using a custom button label use [ss_postpassword submit=”Submit”]

For using a custom error message use [ss_postpassword error=”Your error message here”]

For using a custom internal text use [ss_postpassword text=”Your text here”]

For using a custom internal text message on error use [ss_postpassword errortext=”Your error text here”]

For turning on UIKit style for error and alert message (requires UIKit) use [ss_postpassword uikit=”on”]

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