BuddyPress Secure Passwords – Force Users To Choose At-least Medium Strength Password

By default BuddyPress and WordPress accepts all password types, no matter how much secure they are. Although it displays the strength of chosen password but it doesn’t forces any users to create a strong password.

In this lesson you will learn about forcing new users on your BuddyPress site to choose at least a medium strength password during registration.

BuddyPress Secure Passwords is the new BuddyPress plugin that allows you to automatically force new users to create a secure password, password of at-least medium strength when they register on your website.

Start by installing ‘BuddyPress Secure Passwords’ plugin in BuddyPress

It has no options page. It automatically starts to work upon activation. The plugin uses built-in WordPress password strength checker.

While registration, if a user chooses some weaker password than medium-strength, the plugin displays an error message asking user to type in at least a medium-strength password.

Hence, when this plugin is activated users can only register if their chosen password is validated as “Medium” or “Strong”.

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