How To Create Multiple Rotatable Top Bars In WordPress?

WP-TopBar enables you to create multiple rotatable bars and show them on the top or bottom of your screen in WordPress. TopBars provides you a variety of customization options and scheduler. Using WP-TopBar plugin you can display a special message or image and show it very beautifully on the frontend of your website. Topbars are cacheable and randomly selected based on defined criteria like the start time, stop time and much more.

How To Use WP-TopBar Plugin?

Install and activate WP-TopBar. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> WP TopBar screen and follow the steps given there on its admin page .

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You can provide a weighting to skew selected TopBars to show up more often. It is highly customizable, even easy to add your own PHP and CSS. The plugin can be used for showing either one TopBar or  you can display every valid TopBar that you’ve create (they are rotated in and out).

If you are creating multiple bars then:

  • You can use a custom color, CSS styling, and buttons (for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.) for each bar.
  • You can keep custom background images, close button, display a re-open button (shows up when a bar is closed)
  • You can have custom CSS or PHP that is executed with each TopBar. Of course, that can be super dangerous if you enter PHP code that is invalid — you could break your website. That option should only be used by Advanced Swimmers only.

Bars can be:

  • Scheduled based on time
  • Shown only for mobile, non-mobile or all users
  • Shown only on the home page — or not shown on the home page
  • Shown only for certain categories — or excluded from certain categories
  • Shown only on certain Pages — or excluded from certain Pages
  • Shown only when the user scrolls the page down
  • Given a Priority — to ensure that more important messages are shown more frequently

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