How To Beautifully Order A WordPress Post Into Multiple Pages?

You can order your long posts into subpages and your multipage posts will be having a table of contents linking single subpages with post titles.

Multipage Plugin allows you to manage long-long content pages and forget about the difficulty to find a post section. The plugin enables you to divide every blog post into multiple subpages, giving each page a title and place in table of content which appear at the top of your post (if enabled).

Multipage Plugin 2

Table of contents simply helps you to redirect your visitors to the considered subpage of your main post.

Multipage Plugin 3

To start using it in your WordPress site, simply install and activate Multipage Plugin then visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Multipage screen.

Multipage Plugin 1

Then you can use [nextpage title=”Pretty title”] shortcodes inside your your posts as shown in the given screenshot.

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