How To Receive Audio/Video Feedback In WordPress?

In last tutorial we have discussed about some of the best feedback plugins you can use in your WordPress site. Now this tutorial is about an awesome feedback plugin that enables your website visitors to leave feedback in multimedia format like a feedback video, photo or audio etc. Also you can publish the positive video feedbacks to your YouTube channel in 1-click and make some money out from it.

Feedback Side Tab is a free WordPress plugin that activates a highly customizable feedback TAB for your customers on the frontend of your website. The tab, when clicked opens a popup form in a lightbox overlay and allows your visitors/customers to send you feedback in multimedia format. The good thing about this plugin is that feedback videos can be uploaded to YouTube channel in one easy click. You can see it live working here.

The feedback tab is highly customizable, you can visually customize its appearance from the plugin’s admin page. The layout is responsive and your visitors can easily send you feedbacks in video, audio, photo or simple text.

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To start using it in your website, first install and activate Feedback Side Tab then visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Feedback Tab page and choose your options. You will be needing to sign up at (either signup or use Facebook login).

After logging into, copy your business alias and then paste it on your website’s admin area Settings -> Feedback Tab page. That’s it, customer feedback and other settings can be managed by logging into and visiting your account section.

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