How To Receive GitHub Plugin Updates In WordPress?

Now you know how to easily search, install and activate plugins (hosted at GitHib) from your WordPress admin area dashboard. Now in this tutorial we will be showing you how to receive updates from GitHub installed plugin in your WordPress site.

It is possible to update plugins (installed from GitHub) right from your WordPress dashboard, just like you do for plugins hosted at WordPress plugins repo.

Default WordPress functionality doesn’t shows you any updates for GitHub installed plugins but you can easily set your installation to receive updates.

Simply install and activate the Git Plugin Updates plugin. That’s it. After activation the plugin automatically look up for the updates of GitHub plugins.

How It Works? It uses the Git URL which is present in a plugin’s header and then check for its updates.

In-case if any plugin doesn’t have Git URL in its header then the plugin will not be able to check for its updates and as a result you will not be seeing its updates.

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