How To Use Built-In WordPress Video Player?

WordPress 3.6+ versions provides you built-in video feature that enables you to embed video files and play them. It provides you a shortcode you can use for embedding videos uploaded to your website’s media library. You can control the player size, set initial image, enable autoplaying, loop video and more.

How To Use WordPress Built-In Video Player?

The video embeds can be made simply by putting the video file on it’s own line.

For Example:

Your Post Content

Your Post Content

Now suppose a video file uploaded in media library then you can play it inside a post by using its URL with [video] shortcode as shown below”

[video src=”video-source.mp4″]

If you you have a source URL and fallbacks for other HTML5-supported filetypes then:

[video mp4=”source.mp4″ ogv=”source.ogv” mov=””]

In the same way you can use more parameters like poster, loop, autoplay, preload, width and height.

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