How To Receive Email Alerts For Post Changes In WordPress?

On WordPress multi-author websites, there are a lot of things you need to keep eye one. Like if you want to allow limited number of external links, you have various conditions on productivity and content you want your authors to write etc etc. Keeping an eye on new posts is easy and that you can do without installing any additional plugin or adding any PHP hack etc but when it comes to the edits made of old blog posts then what to do? Here’s easy way of monitoring post changes made on your website.

Email Post Changes is a good plugin you can use for receiving notifications whenever a change to a post or page is made.

How To Use Email Post Changes Plugin?

Install and activate Email Post Changes plugin. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Email Post Changes page and enable the plugin. Optionally you can also provide additional email addresses where you want to send post change alerts.

From the options page you can enable it for posts and pages and include more user roles whom you like sending automated notifications for post changes also you can set what types of changes to email (post changes, page changes, attachment changes, or changes to any other ‘post type’ defined by any other plugin).

The changes are emailed as a unified diff. If the email client supports HTML emails, the diff will be colorized.

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