How To Add Extensive Editing Options In WordPress?

WordPress provides you  a content editor on post edit screens known as visual editor, we have already discussed about its usage and working. We have also discussed about adding advanced options and transforming visual editor in office environ content editor. Now this tutorial is on a simple and powerful plugin called WP Edit. It allows you activate a set of very useful editing options, features, widgets etc for post editor and other sections of your website etc.

Not everyone wants to populate his visual editor with lots of formatting buttons by turning on the complicated office environ in WordPress but still atleast once in a lifetime people need some more editing options like the basic  search and replace, sometime you need to add a custom font size , page break etc.

Many a times while posting a big excerpt, bloggers wants to use text alignment option or use a custom color or link inside it but by default post excerpt metabox only provides you a plain text area. Sometime bloggers wants to use modified editor in profile biography field or shortcode or PHP code in widget area and there are a lot more reasons to use WP Edit plugin.

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WP Edit provides you good control over the WordPress content editing for posts, pages, custom post types, widgets, excerpts etc. Simply install and activate it then visit your admin area Dashboard -> WP Edit screen to activate your modules.

Its admin page is divided into various tabs like WP Edit -> Buttons Tab allows you to add more formatting buttons to your WordPress visual editor.

General Tab allows you to activate other plugin modules like:

  1. Linebreak Shortcode: Use the [break] shortcode to insert linebreaks in the editor.
  2. Shortcodes in Widgets: Use shortcodes in widget areas.
  3. Shortcodes in Excerpts: Use shortcodes in excerpt areas.
  4. WP Edit Post Excerpt: Add the WP Edit editor to the Post Excerpt area.
  5. WP Edit Page Excerpt: Add the WP Edit editor to the Page Excerpt area.
  6. Profile Editor: Use modified editor in profile biography field.
  7. PHP Widgets: Adds a new widget for PHP code.

Posts/Pages Tab lets you set some advanced post/page options like:

  1. Change the default “add new” post/page title field
  2. Enable the column shortcodes functionality.
  3. Set max number of post & page Revisions to store in database. (empty = unlimited)
  4. You can delete all database revisions.
  5. You can hide selected posts & pages from admin view. ID comma separated (1,5,14,256)

User Specific Tab allows you set option stored in individual user meta; it means each user can set these options independlently from one another.

  1. Save Scrollbar Saves the editor srollbar position when editing long posts (TEXT mode).
  2. ID Column Adds a column to post/page list view for displaying the post/page ID.
  3. Thumbnail Column Adds a column to post/page list view for displaying thumbnails.
  4. Hide TEXT Tab Hide the editor TEXT tab from view.
  5. Default VISUAL Tab Always display VISUAL tab when editor loads.
  6. Disable Dashboard Widget Disables WP Edit Pro News Feed dashboard widget.
  7. Customize each post status highlight color

And there are more options and features like QR Codes, you can convert configurations used by Ultimate Tinymce to WP Edit, export the plugin settings as a .json file. This allows you to easily import the configuration into another website etc etc.

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