How To Get Complete Control Over WordPress Menus?

You can set visibility of your WordPress site menu items, you can control access on per user role and on the basis of logged-in memers and visitors etc. Power Menus is the new WordPress plugin that provides you full control over your website menus and the best thing is that there are no extra options page, you can control everything right from the main menus pages present in Appearance section of your dashboard.

Currently the plugin allows you to:

  • Limit access to posts and pages
  • Show or hide items per user role
  • Redirect users without required access permissions to a chosen page
  • Control visibility of menu items for logged-in or non-logged-in users and more features are under development.

How To Use Power Menus Plugin?

Install and activate Power Menus and follow the steps:

  1. Visit Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus page and set the secure page under “Secure Page – Power Menus” box (this will be the page where user with insufficient access permissions will be redirected to). If the page is not set or it’s set to “None”, chosen menu items will be hidden but page(s) will be still accessible via URL.
  2. Choose menu items and set their visibility (you should see “Visible to logged in users only” and “Visible to selected user roles” section)

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