How To Improve Loading Time Of WordPress Menus?

Increased loading time means less-good and long code. In simple words less code gives you less page loading time. Same is with WordPress menus, you can easily improve its loading time by removing unnecessary classes of CSS, which are actually not required inside the navigation of any website.

Purify WordPress Menus is a WordPress plugin programmed to slim down WordPress menus code in order to purify navigation it. No matter what WordPress them you have activates, it automatically slims down HTML code and keeps only required CSS classes. In result, your loading time is decreased and your website becomes faster than before.

Start by installing ‘Purify WordPress Menus’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, the plugin automatically works by deleting the id attributes of all CSS classes on every menue item of your website. Excluding the CSS class “.current-menu-item” in navigation and “.current_page_item” in page menus.

Purify WordPress Menus 1

So does this plugin take any effects on visual appearance of your menus? No, but in-case if it does anything then you can take control of it from its configurations page in your admin area dashboard Settings -> Purify WordPress Menus. Here you can manually refine the plugin’s output.

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