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How To Export And Import WordPress Menus?

The WordPress navigation menus can also be exported and imported just like posts and pages.

WordPress export page on the admin area ‘Tools’ menu doesn’t allow you to export navigation menus although menus are exported when you download the complete XML file by selecting the ‘All Content’ option.

In case you only want to export navigation menus then this lesson guides you on how to do that easily on any WordPress Website.

How To Export WordPress Menus?

Simply navigate to Plugins -> Add New page on your admin area dashboard to find and install a WordPress plugin called ‘WPS Menu Exporter‘.

Upon activation, visit the Tools -> Export page and you will notice that a new radio button option ‘Navigation Menus’ has been added to the export items list. Tick that option and click the ‘Download Export File’ button and you would be able to export navigation menus just as you export Pages, Posts, and Media from your WordPress site in the form of an XML file.

How To Import WordPress Menus?

For importing navigation menus to other WordPress websites, visit the Tools -> Import page on the website you want to import menus.

The page might ask you to install WordPress importer. For that, you just need to click the ‘Run Importer’ button below WordPress and it will be installed. Now you can select and upload the XML file to import menus o your website.

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