Complete Conditional Logic Solution For WordPress

Conditional logic solution is new logic design for empowering site admins to keep good control over most areas on their WordPress website. It provides you control for modifying what users can and cannot do. You can also control visibility of your content according to user, group of users and currently in use page template. 

Conditional Logic Solutions (CLS) is the new WordPress plugin that enables you to:

  1. Set or reset users capabilities.
  2. Add new user group.
  3. Controls dashboard widgets visibilities for selected user or user group.
  4. Modify the behaviour of your of your posts and pages. Control it’s visiblity according to user or user group.
  5. Controls the visibility of your sidebars, and sidebar widgets per user, user group, and current page templates.
Start by installing ‘Conditional Logic Solutions (CLS)’ plugin in WordPress

Conditional Logic Solutions (CLS) 1

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Conditional Logic page and select users who can have access to CLS.

Remember users who get access to CLS automatically becomes superadmin so only allow access to trusted users.

Second step is to choose where you would like activating CLS. You can separately activate the plugin on:

  1. Dashboard: Allows you to control your dashbord widgets visibility for selected user or user group. Conditional Logic Solutions (CLS) 2
  2. Sidebar and Widgets: Allows you to control the visibility of your sidebars and sidebar widgets per user, user group and page templates. Conditional Logic Solutions (CLS) 5
  3. Posts and Pages: Allows you to modify, control it’s visibility, and change your users capabilities for posts and pages.Conditional Logic Solutions (CLS) 3
  4. Individual Posts and Pages: You can disallows reading, editing and deletion of any post or page. Conditional Logic Solutions (CLS) 4

Another tab titled as ‘Roles & Capabilities’ additionally allows you to modify user permissions and capabilities.

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