Showing WordPress Menus On The Basis Of User Role Types

You can show certain menus to certain users and not others. For example: you are running an online store and a blog on same website and you want your clients to see only store navigation (and not blog menu items) so that they can easily manage the products they are subscribed to without getting confused with other menus. Problem Solved: Nav Menu Roles lets you do this very easily. With this new plugin you can hide custom menu items based on user roles.

And hence if you have links in your menu that you only want to show to certain logged in users or even only to logged out users then you can use this plugin.

How to use the plugin?

  1. Install and activate Nav Menu Roles plugin.
  2. After activation visit Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus
  3. Now edit the menu items accordingly by select whether you’d like to display the item to all logged in users, all logged out users or to customize by role.Nav Menu Roles
  4. If you chose customize by role, then you you can check the boxes next to the roles you’d like to restrict visibility to.
  5. If you choose ‘By Role’ and don’t check any boxes, the item will be visible to everyone like normal.

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