Easily Restrict Access To Posts, Pages, Menus & Widgets For User Roles In WordPress

It is possible to restrict pages, posts, custom post types, menus and widgets to members, nonmembers or specific roles in your WordPress site. WordPress Access Control plugin not only allows you to control access to your membership based website but provides you shortcodes and post, custom-post-type support, along with comprehensive admin interface to configure the plugin defaults.

Plugin Defaults & Features

The plugin has been programmed to get easily integrated with membership websites where the admin don’t want some member types to access certain sections and elements on your website.

Default set of the plugin enables you to add members-only pages in your menu and the non-members won’t be able to see them. It also applies child menu items as well. This way you can build a separate menu only for the members on your website.

Additionally, it provides you the ability to customize search pages, you can completely hide posts, pages or custom post types from search results for specific members, display excerpts less search results etc.

Other than this you can also turn certain widgets visible only to members or non-members on your website.

How To Use WordPress Access Control?

Start by installing WordPress Access Control plugin on your WordPress site. Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Members Only Settings to configure the options.

The plugin activates various metaboxes and widgets on various sections on your website as shown in the given screenshot. The widget access and visibility can be set individually from Appearance -> Widgets page whereas menus access can be set from Appearance -> Menus admin page.

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