How To Enable Keyboard Navigation In WordPress ?

With new WP Keyboard Navigation plugin you can activate keyboard navigation in your WordPress based website. The plugin is simple, lightweight and there are no complicated options to configure.

Installation & Usage: Simply install and activate it. After activation you can start using the following shortcut keys for navigation:

  1. ? → Toggle the help area
  2. / → Focus the search box
  3. d → Toggle the debug bar
  4. r → Reload the current page
  5. e → Current post
  6. p then a → All post listing
  7. p then n→ Create new post
  8. Shift + p then a → All page listing
  9. Shift + p then n → Create new page
  10. g then h → Go to front page
  11. g then l → login Go to login page
  12. g then d → dashboard Go to admin dashboard
  13. g then c → comment Go to comment edit page
  14. g then t → themes Go to themes page
  15. g then p → plugins Go to plugins page
  16. g then u → users Go to users page
  17. g then s → settings Go to settings page

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