Boost Your WordPress Site With Powerful Stats And User Tracking Features

WP User Tracker is the new WordPress plugin that enables lot of new cool functions in your WordPress site including Slide-in Notification Bar, Targeted Adverts, Ajax Based Online Counter, Most Viewed Posts & Categories, 4 Unique Widgets etc.

It provides you a slide-in notification bar that slides up with a custom text when someone starts reading your blog post, this way it tries to keep your visitors on your website because most of your visitors will click that notification and the next users will be getting notification again and hence your average session time increases. Also you can specify notification’s redisplay time in minutes.

It provides you many other features like:

  • Display current readers on homepage posts
  • Display current readers in post and page view
  • Select image and style of current readers block
  • Allow you to set position of current readers block
  • Track users’ day(s) to decide unique user or not (days)
  • Allows you to Enable number of views on posts and pages and ,much more:
  1. wp-user-tracker screenshot 1Ajax-based Online Counter and Targeted Advertisement Widget
  2. wp-user-tracker screenshot 2Most viewed Posts Widget with Targeted Ads Widget
  3. wp-user-tracker screenshot 3Notifications Settings on the Admin Panel
  4. wp-user-tracker screenshot 4Most Viewed Posts and Pages Stats on Admin
  5. wp-user-tracker screenshot 5Notification Example Screenshot
  6. wp-user-tracker screenshot 6Widgets and Notification with other Theme
  7. wp-user-tracker screenshot 7Online Readers

Installation & Usage:

Install and activate WP User Tracker. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> WP User Tracker page and set your options.

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