How To Insert Links Which When Clicked Display PopUps In WordPress ?

Alligator Popup is allows you to insert simple links which displays simple popup windows when clicked. This is a common feature used in millions of website especially for displaying advertisements.

Yesterday our blog reader ‘Adam Singer’ emailed us asking how he can add such type of popup links in his WordPress based website.

He said, ” I understand this is a simple thing to do but I don’t know the how. All I want is to insert a simple link which when clicked display a popup window showing my image.

I searched many tutorials but I did’t find anything useful for me. There are many plugins but I want to do it in a simple way. just like sometimes Google does for displaying some pop-ups.

How To Insert Links Which When Clicked Displays PopUps In WordPress ?

Using Cubecolour’s new WordPress plugin called Alligator Popup one can very easily display popup links. Follow the given steps:

  • Install and activate Alligator Popup plugin.
  • Upon activation you can use the following shortcode format:

In the above given shortcode, Remember to:

  1. Replace with URL of webpage you like to show in popup window.
  2. Use your own width and height (all popups shows a maximize window button)
  3. Change ‘Link Text’ with your link text. It appears as a simple link inside your content but when it is clicked it popups a new window.

You can use this shortcode inside your posts, pages, custom post types and all shortocde supported areas in WordPress.

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