How To Visualize Your Web History In A Beautiful Timeline?

Default view of web browser history looks very messy but in a few steps you can transform it into a beautiful timeline using images and opengraph meta-data.

History Timeline, a Google Chrome app gives you an awesome view of web browser’s history page. All web history is grouped by domain names and you can view all pages by expanding the selection of any domain on a given day.

History Timeline 2

The extension also provides you a search which can be used for finding web pages which you may have visited earlier.

History Timeline 3

It keeps all your data in your local disk and doesn’t shares anything online with Google or to its servers.

The extension is not a signed in Google experience. It only refers to website and pages you browse using your Google Chrome browser on one computer. But you can synchronize all your browser history and data by first signing in to your Chrome account.

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