How To Enable Password Protection & Multi-user Accounts In Google Chrome?

Just like Chromebook (where you can log into any Chromebook machine using your Google Account, and that feels like you are working on  your own Chromebook), one can also login/logout to any Google Chrome browser (on any other operating system) and use it in his personalized settings.

This tutorial is ofcourse not about Chrome login & logout instead it is about an hidden trick you can use for making your Chrome a multi-user web-browser or in other words you can say password protecting your Chrome Account while making other people use Chrome with Guest Account or using their own Google Accounts.

Although Chrome already has a SignIn/SingOut option but that is limited to individual users which means you cannot password protect your browser (and keep your logged in Google Account safe) until and unless you completely logout from Chrome (using top right corner’s dropdown menu).

The latest stable release of Chrome allows you to lock your web browser when you are away and protect all your logged in account your data. In the mean time others can use your web browser using their own Google Accounts or the buit-in Guest Account.

How To Enable Personalize Multiple Account System & Password Protection In Google Chrome?

Launch your Google Chrome web browser and in address bar type chrome://flags.

Use Ctrl+S to open browser search box and the search for ‘Enable new profile management system’

Chrome Locker 1

Click that blue color ‘Enable’ link and relaunch your web browser.

How To Lock Google Chrome?

After relaunching Chrome, you will be noticing a small drop-down option (just before minimize button) showing your Google account name.

Chrome Locker 2

Click that small dropdown on the top and then click that lock icon whenever you like password protecting your web browser.

Chrome Locker 3

It uses the same password which you are using on your Google Account online.

The good thing is lock goes active even when system or Chrome is restarted and the very good thing is other can still use your web browser without disturbing or seeing your personal account data and extensions.

How To Mange Multiple Accounts?

Chrome Locker 6

When the browser is locked, all history, extensions and other data go invisible for other users.

Chrome Locker 4

Other users may use Chrome either by adding their own Google Accounts or they can do browsing as Guest user.

Chrome Locker 5

When a user logs into his accounts he instantly get access to all his Chrome data and extensions (like he has left them before). This is the best advantage of using this features because everything is kept protected locally unless you remove a Google user account from your web browser.

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