How To Disable Hardware Acceleration In Google Chrome?

For rendering web pages Google Chrome doesn’t need to depend completely on the CPU. This is because, it supports GPU hardware acceleration.

This may be a good idea as it speeds things up but in many cases it becomes the main cause of system freeze, mouse and keyboard issues, slow web pages and many performance issues.

The common issue experienced with Google Chrome’s Hardware Acceleration is system freeze on Ubuntu and other similar Linux distros. Hence by disabling it you can certainly make things better and avoid system freezes.

Turning Off Hardware Acceleration

Step – 1 Open your Google Chrome or Chromium browser and click its menu icon on the top right corner, next to address bar.

Step – 2 Navigate to ‘Settings’ option and click it.

Step – 3 Scroll down and click ‘Show advanced settings..’ link. Now look up for ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ under ‘System’ options section.

Google Chrrome Hardware Acc

Step – 4 Simply remove the tick from this checkbox and restart chrome for new settings to take effect.

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