Instantly Check Alexa, Page Rank, Backlinks And Everything Else In A Single Click From Google Chrome

PageRank Status, a Google Chrome app allows you to check Alexa Web Rank, Google Page Rank, Backlinks, Google-Bing-Yahoo archives instantly a single click from your Chrome browser.

Not only this much but at the same time it also tells everything else about the website like DNS, WhoIs, IP, Country, Facebook Likes, Tweets, Google +1s, Cached Pages, Indexed Pages etc.

Now if you have a website then after installing this app you won’t be needing to visit Alexa to check its rank then another site for PR and again one for backlinks. This app provides you everything there on your browser and all you need to do is a single click.

After you install, a button appear on the top right corner of your Chrome. Now whenever you visit any site you may click that button to know the things mentioned above. After you click that button it drops down a box showing all information about that particular website you are browsing.

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