How To Design Your Website When You Are Not A Developer?

You can either use Website Builder or WordPress to start your website without any coding skills.

Website Builder provides you an automated step-by-step process to bring your website online and all it takes is 5 minutes to set up your WordPress website at

Assuming that you have already registered / transferred your domain at and subscribed Managed WordPress.

(Alternatively you can also install WordPress on other hosting options)

Now log in to your WordPress dashboard by suffixing /wp-admin after your domain name –

Once you are logged-in, follow these steps:

Gather Content Pieces

Before you start, take some time to outline the important pieces of your website, like the critical information, images and the pages you want to include.

Create Pages & Menu

Next step is to create pages for your website, follow this tutorial to create basic pages you’ve sketched out and paste any content and images you have. If you don’t have everything ready at the moment then no worries, you can edit pages anytime from your laptop or smartphone.

Create a page to set as home page and another one to set for the blog page on your website. 

(leave blog page bank as your new posts will automatically show up on this page) 

Now set custom homepage and blog page from Settings –> Reading page and save changes.

How To Make A Static Website Using WordPress? 2

Now create a menu – Creating a menu is a matter of few seconds, by default WordPress displays your pages on the menu bar but you can also assign a custom menu, read this tutorial.

Select A Theme

Now you have some content and menu on your website so it is the right time to pick a theme and preview it over your content.

If it doesn’t look good, no worries, thousands of free responsive themes are available in WordPress themes repository. Read this tutorial to see how you can install them on your WordPress website.

Important part is done, your website is almost ready. Though there are lots more you’ll do to tailor and manage your website— but you’re off to a great start!

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