How To Design Easy WordPress Admin Environ For Your Client Websites?

Default WordPress admin area is user-friendly but it turns complicated when you start installing plugins and it becomes very complicated and messy when you try to add all wired features you client has asked you to put into his website. In this tutorial we will show you how to provide an easy and user-friendly admin area i.e. dashboard environ to your clients and make site management easy for them.

We have already discussed about the best hosting plan you should have for creating and managing your client websites. Now you also know how to create a website with WordPress then how to install new plugins and themes in WordPress. Today, in this tutorial will make you a better website designer and you will be able to simplify the website management screens for your clients in WordPress.

How To Design Easy WordPress Admin Environ For Your Client Websites?

WP Admin UI Customize is a very powerful WordPress plugin that lets you customize the WordPress admin area view, including all default features, plugin pages and admin menus. With this plugin you can easily customize the view of Dashboard, Display options tab, Output-meta site, Admin Toolbar, Admin menu (Side menu), Meta boxes, Login screen and much more.

To start, install and activate WP Admin UI Customize plugin. After activation the plugin adds ‘WP Admin UI Customize‘ menu in admin area. Visit Dashboard -> WP Admin UI Customize -> WP Admin UI Customize (Main Page) and first select the user roles that all settings will apply to.

The left navigation of this plugins shows you a menu of various admin area sections like dashboard, admin bar, side menu etc. What you have to do is simply click the page which you want to customize.

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Suppose you want to customize the side menu then visit your Dashboard -> WP Admin UI Customize -> Side Menu page and you can drag, reorder, edit menu text or whatever you like doing. You can edit the navigation item labels, customize the menu text, create new menus etc right from the admin page. In the same way for customizing admin bar menus, visit Dashboard -> WP Admin UI Customize -> Admin Bar Menu page and customize the left and right navigation menus using the easy drag and drop interface.

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