How To Create A Simple ‘About Me’ Video For Your Website-Weblog ?

You might have observed these type of ‘About Me’ videos on celebrity websites and weblogs. This tutorial is on creating a quick and simple ‘About Me’ video which you can put in your website or Weblog’s ‘About Me’ page, as a sidebar widget as a welcome message using lightbox display.

The most important thing is to keep your video short, especially if you want it to be seen world wide. There are many countries where Internet speed is very slow and charges are very high so if you make small video then it would be easy for netizens to watch your video.

What To Feature In Your Video ?

You can make your video more interesting by walking and showing your street, where you live, showing yourself working on your laptop, your webcasting place, your gadgets, you in your favorite hangout spots etc etc with your voice in background or you can simply feature yourself standing and telling your story under a tree or wherever you like ;-)

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  • First, Hello: Welcome your visitors to your website and say your Tag Line, the line which introduces you in short.

For Example: Hello eveybody out there. My name is ______. I am the creator/founder/whatever of _________.

  • Second, Describe Yourself: Very briefly describe your story. What you have done and what you are planning to do, about you goals, a little about your past events and more about your future goals.
  • Third: Tell them about your business, domain and website and what it offers. About your business product, utility, service etc. Tell them quick links for your website so that they their brain can quickly grasp them all.

For Example:

__ is our website address. Learn more about us ______ at or type to leave a message or type for reading our latest blog posts.

  • Fourth, Call to Action: Tell your contact information, when others can contact you, how you can help them.
    Also you can tell about your Facebook and Twitter pages.

For Example: All my contact information is on I am on Facebook and Twitter with same username i.e. @yourname. You can send me an email on


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