Allow Website Visitors To Share Positive Feedback For Your Website

Wit-Buzz is an online buzz generator free service that allows you to make your website visitors your brand ambassadors and use them for sharing positive feed back regarding your domain and websites, you can easily collect their (visitors) opinion for your website. Quickly and easily know results, save your time, energy, money and make your customers loyal.

Feedback Share

For using Wit-Buzz first you must get registered and get your API key. Visit and register your account by clicking ‘Install’ button.

Feedback Share Form

Wit-Buzz Plugin For WordPress

Wit-Buzz WordPress plugin allows you to show wit-buzz icon on your website and collect your visitor’s opinion regarding your website.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate Wit-Buzz let visitors share their opinion about your web site then visit your admin area D lace the Wit-Buzz widget in your sections and sidebars of your templates

Key opinion indicators as set by the users

Friendly Content Clarity Freshness Accessibility Creativity Aesthetics Thrustworthy
Ease of access to content Abundant and interesting content Up-to-date content Good structure, writing & readability Ease of use Original structure and navigation Feel & touch (layout, colors, fonts) Confidence in leaving personal details

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