How To Enable Hashtags Inside WordPress Blog Posts ?

Just like Twitter, Google+ and now Facebook also you can enable Hashtags feature inside your WordPress blog posts too. WordPress Plugins Repository has a new plugin Hashtag. The plugin is easy to use, it automatically converts#Hashtag keywords in to searchable hashtag search link that directs user to search results page showing posts containing the clicked hashtag.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate Hashtag. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> #Hashtag and your can se following options:

  1. You can select class for hashtag link
  2. You can select a custom color for hashtag links
  3. You can add additional CSS properties for hashtag link
  4. You can make #Hashtag link to perform search for “keyword”(i.e. default WordPress search) instead of “#keyword”

That’s all for the options. Now you can start using words prefixed with # sign and they will get converted in to searchable hashtag strings in your WordPress site.

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