Retrieve Premium WordPress Theme Options And Features Free Of Cost

You might have seen folks on Internet saying that Premium WordPress Themes are much better than free ones, they are right up to some extent because almost all premium themes gives you more features and options but you can have all those premium theme features free of cost. This is really possible, read this tutorial and know how.

What premium WordPress Themes Offers You? They offers you: Elegant Look, Responsive Layout, Theme Option Page with many customization options, Un-encrypted Footer, inbuilt SEO and many shortcodes for buttons, boxes, different sliders, quotes etc.

You can have all of the above and including many more useful feature free of cost. See how:-

Install Atahualpa:  Free Responsive WordPress Theme, Better Than Premium Ones

Atahualpa is responsive and highly customizable 100% free WordPress theme. Using this theme you can completely customize design and layout of your WordPress installation to your own taste.

You can edit everything here in this theme very easily. If you don’t want to spend money on premium WordPress themes then try this. It works even better.

It provides you 4 optional sidebar, different widgets and widget areas, you can add more widget areas in this themes, you can change the width and height of anything in this theme including sidebar, center column, content box, footer, header, you can choose custom colors, style, design. Everything.

Best way to know this theme is install, activate then visit Dashboard -> Appearance -> Atahualpa Theme Options because discussing here about each of its feature would be making this post may be 100 page long. It really provides you many customization options you have ever thought in your dreams.

The most useful and important feature that all premium themes offers you is Support. Yes, Atahualpa also provides Support forums, you can visit here for any support you need using this theme.

Here’s a Atahualpa Beginner’s Guide PDF, this PDF was published 2 years back. Now Atahualpa is loaded with more advanced new features so its better to try it than reading this PDF.

Install Shortcodes Ultimate: 30+ Shortcodes Turns Your Theme To Premium In Few Clicks

Shortcodes Ultimate, You might have seen in websites using special type of quotes, image frames, buttons, special heading, tabbed post layout, special image galleries etc. Now by using this WordPress plugin you can have buttons, boxes, different sliders, quotes including more than 30 different shortcodes. I already posted about this plugin here. After you install and activate this plugin, it adds a handy shortcode generator button just after the add media button in your addnew/edit post and pages, using this shortcodes generator button you can very easily add beautiful premium looking stuff inside your posts and pages.

So by installing Atahualpa Theme and Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin you can retrieve almost all Premium WordPress Themes Options & Features without spending a penny.

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