How To Activate Responsive Iframe oEmbeds In WordPress ?

Iframely Responsive Embeds is the new WordPress plugin that extends WordPress oEmbed brings you the responsive embeds which means the embeds will automatically resize if you are using a responsive WP theme.

The plugin detects URLs present inside your content and replaces them with its responsive embed code, it supports YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, GitHub Gists, Google +, Facebook Posts, Storify, SlideShare,…..over 900 of them and it keeps growing.



GitHub Gists:

Google+ Posts:

Imgur & Galleries:

Facebook Statues:

And many others:

Installation & Usage: Install and activate Iframely Responsive Embeds. It replaces default WP embed and works same as standard oEmbed so either you can pasts a URL (For Ex: YouTube Video URL) on a separate line, or  shortcode.

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