Easily Improve Markup Of Your WordPress Site & Make It Completely Responsive

There are some issues with default markup of WordPress like the dimensions are hardcoded on elements, captionless images are wrapped in a p tags, by default images, videos, avatars and featured images etc uses some width and height and are not responsive. This tutorial is about Pco Media Handler plugin that simply improves the markup of featured images, inline images and embeds, and make them all responsive to all screen sizes.

Responsive WordPress

Pco Media Handler makes images, embedded videos (like video embeds/oembeds of YouTube and Vimeo) and other media completely responsive. Other than this it also improves your website’s HTML markup of images inside your posts, pages and other website content like custom post type etc. Simply install & activate it and the plugin will do the following things automatically in your WordPress site:

  1. It enables responsive oEmbeds
  2. Links inline image to none by default
  3. Removes p tags that wrap around inline images
  4. Makes avatars responsive by removing width and height
  5. Makes featured images responsive by removing width and height
  6. Makes images in the post content responsive by removing their width and height
  7. Changes inline images that have captions to use the standard HTML5 figure/figcaption elements (if not already defined in your theme)

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