How To Make Fluid YouTube Video oEmbeds In WordPress ?

You can make your WordPress site’s “auto embedded” YouTube and Vimeo videos full width (100%), maintaining their original aspect ratio.

Fluid Video Embeds, is a WordPress plugin that modifies built-in Vimeo and YouTube oEmbed auto-embeds so they get fluid width and become flexible while maintaining their original aspect ratio. It makes your WordPress site videos look  great in all screen sizes. Currently this plugin only supports YouTube and Vimeo videos embeds.

Installation & Usage

  1. Install and activate it this plugin
  2. Visit your Dashbord -> Settings  -> Media -> Maximum embed size

You can also use [fve] shortcode:


If you want to use the Fluid Video Embeds method in a php template file of your WordPress theme then use the do_shortcode method:

<?php echo do_shortcode(‘[fve][/fve]’); ?>

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