How To Create Highly Customizable Sticky Notes In WordPress?

You can now very easily create and customize beautiful sticky notes in your WordPress dashboard home (Dashboard -> Home). Unlike to old one color sticky notes, these notes are HTML and shortcodes compatible, you can compose them just just like you create new posts, you can include images, formatting tags etc and then finally publish them. As soon a note is published it automatically appears on the top of your admin area Dashboard -> Home with top most priority.

Dashboard Sticky Notes 1

To Start using it in your WordPress site, install and activate Dashboard Sticky Notes, after activation the plugin adds a new admin menu. For composing a new note visit your admin area dashboard Sticky Notes -> Add New screen and you can compose new notes using the default WordPress visual editor with TinyMCE buttons.

Dashboard Sticky Notes 2

Now lets talk about options, you can compose multiple notes and makes them visible for selected users roles separately. While composing a new note, it provides you various output options like you can set context to normal or high, you can set priority to high or low (high priority notes appears as first dashboard widget pushing where as low priority notes shows up after all dashboard widgets).

Target option allows make notes visible for selected user role type. For example: If you want to publish a notice only for your blog authors then select the author user role from the target section. All published notes can be managed from dashboard’s Sticky Notes -> All Sticky Notes section.

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