WordPress Theme Detector – Easily Detect Active Theme And Plugins Of Any WordPress Site

Sometime you like any website’s layout, theme and functionality and you like to use in your website too then what you need to know is name of the WordPress theme and plugins on which the site is running on. Now you can very easily detect themes and plugins of any WordPress site in a few clicks.

Now, WordPress Theme Detector is a free online service that allows you to detect WordPress, WordPress themes and plugins of any WordPress based site. Its really very easy to use, all you need to do is visit WPThemeDetector.Com, type the website’s address and press ENTER. It displays theme name, theme version, description, theme author and site, screenshot and active plugins etc. Its a BETA release.

We have already posted a tutorial for knowing  Server Info, Hosting Provider, Framework, Advertisement, Analytic, Payment Provider, CMS And Full Technology Profile of Any Website.

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