Use Safe Mode When WordPress Site Crashes Due To Some Conflicting Plugin Or Theme

Sometime when you install any conflicting plugin or theme and it crashes your WordPress site then normally what you do is visit WordPress site via FTP or cPanel and delete that conflicting plugin. But now you have one more easy option i.e. using safe mode.

Safe Mode

First of all install and activate Safe Mode plugin, now next time when your site crashes you can visit it in Safe Mode just by typing your site address followed by ?safe_mode=1

For Example:

It temporarily disables all plugins for that single page view, as well as temporarily activates a default theme if installed so that you can simply delete that conflicting plugin and get your WordPress site back as earlier. But remember you have to add ?safe_mode=1 parameter for each page view,

For Example:

  • If you need to log in, go to:
  • If you need to go to plugin management, go to:
  • If you need to go to theme management, go to:

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