Get Automatic Protection Against Brute Force, Bad Bots & Common Weak Points Of WordPress

Harden WP is new simple WordPress plugin that enables automatic protection against ongoing Brute Force attacks, Bad Bots and also for common known weak points of any WordPress site.

All you need to do is install and activate Harden WP and you are done. There are no configuration and options pages, it automatically starts working soon after activation.

After activation:

  1. Log out from your WordPress site
  2. Visit your website’s Home Page
  3. Now try to access your site admin login or
  4. And if your are rediected to then Harden WP is working correctly.
  5. Else you need re-activating Harden WP plugin and try again. If you sill face any problem then refer to its Support Forum

Important: After activation you can then log-in to your admin area by using or

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